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Downloads for ResidualVM version 0.2.1

Downloads are mostly hosted with If you have one of the supported systems, you can directly download the appropriate binary distribution. If you have another system, download the source and read the README file for directions on how to build ResidualVM. If you have successfully ported ResidualVM to a platform not listed, please drop us a note, telling which OS, etc. you used.

  • The latest STABLE release of ResidualVM is 0.2.1, and can be downloaded below under 'Release Binaries'. If you run Windows and are confused, download the 'Windows Installer'.
  • For UNSTABLE experimental versions of ResidualVM (for people who know what they are doing), please see the Daily Builds section.

0.2.1 Release binaries
0.2.1 Source Code
Daily Builds

WARNING: The following builds are bleeding edge development versions made directly from our source repository. That means that they received no proper testing (usually no testing at all) and that any number of things may be broken in them. For example, they might corrupt your config file, crash frequently or might not even start. Use them at your own risk!

Snapshot builds:

Required Libraries
Optional Libraries


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