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Posted by bgK

Version 0.2.1 is a bugfix release for 0.2.0. It fixes a crash when using subtitles in the Polish version of Myst III, and an IRIX port was added.

As always, the latest release is available from our downloads page.

Posted by bgK

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of ResidualVM, bringing Myst III: Exile support, more than thirteen years after its original release.

Initial work towards adding Myst III support began back in 2009 as a side project. A work in progress version of the engine was included in ResidualVM two years later. The game became completable in 2012, but only now do we feel confident enough to release a stable version providing a feature complete experience.

Additionally, some bugs have been fixed in Grim Fandango, and game data verification has been added on first launch. So that you'll know if your game data was copied correctly from your CDs.

Whether you are using Windows, Linux or OS X, you can check out our downloads page, get yourself a copy of ResidualVM 0.2.0, and decide later if you'd rather visit the land of the dead or the land of a revengeful trapped man. The changes in version 0.2.0 are detailed in our NEWS file. Instructions to setup the games can be found on our wiki.

As usual, even though we have tested the games thoroughly you might encounter game-breaking bugs. So, please save often and report bugs to our bug tracker.

Our thanks go to Presto Studios, for releasing such a great game, and to the people involved with testing ResidualVM over the years, allowing us to provide high quality releases.

2015 already looks like a promising year for ResidualVM, thanks to the ongoing effort for adding Escape from Monkey Island support.

Posted by aquadran

We are planning to release ResidualVM 0.2.0 with support for Myst III as our second supported game. The Grim engine has had quite a few changes since 0.1.1, so to avoid any big showstoppers for Grim Fandango, we need your help.

We need people to play through Grim Fandango and Myst III, preferably testing all the optional parts that aren't required for completion too. If you are interested, download our 0.2.0 pre-release builds (not the unstable builds), and start playing.

Any bugs should be reported to our issue-tracker on GitHub, and when you complete, you should post in our forums.

Details can be found here.

Posted by bgk

Myst III Logo

Adding support for Myst III: Exile to ResidualVM is nearly done. Now, we only need your help to find the last rough edges by playing the game thoroughly and reporting any issues you encounter.

If you are interested, locate your copy of the game, and download a daily build (not the 0.1.1 release build). Instructions to setup the game can be found in our README. Bugs should be reported to our issue tracker on GitHub. Once you have finished, please report your testing results in our forums.

Posted by aquadran

GSoC 2014 Banner

We are happy to announce that we are participating in this year's Google Summer of Code under the umbrella of our sister project ScummVM.

In case you don't know it, the Google Summer of Code program allows students all over the world to participate in open source projects like ResidualVM and get paid for it.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please take a look at the merged list of ideas, the ResidualVM ideas are at the bottom.

You can also propose projects of your own; we'll be happy to help you shape your idea into a concrete project. If you want to participate or have questions about GSoC, come talk to us on IRC; #residualvm) or ask on the forums.

Posted by somaen

Is there an engine that can resist the love in these hands?

Some time has passed since doomsday, and we're still around to see the aftermath, the time since then has not been wasted however. Today we release ResidualVM 0.1.1 which is a service-release bringing you roughly 40 gameplay-fixes, varying from very minor fixes to quite visible bugs, 14 of these fixes were also in the original game as it was released back in 1998.

For a list of what has been fixed, see the NEWS-file.

So, head on over to our downloads-page and grab a fresh copy of ResidualVM 0.1.1 to enjoy the best possible Grim Fandango experience we can offer to date.

Posted by somaen

The day is finally upon us, after 9 years, 4 months and 6 days, we are proud to announce the first stable release of ResidualVM, and what day would be better for this occasion, than the end of the world as we know it. (or so the Mayan Mechanical Gremlins told us).

This initial stable release of ResidualVM now opens the world of Grim Fandango to a modern audience, whether you are using Windows, Linux or OS X, you'll now be able to take your 4 year journey of the soul, and find out if that compass in the handle actually WILL come in handy.

We would like to note that, while we have tested ResidualVM quite thoroughly, there MIGHT be cases where you end up in a situation where the game is incompletable, some of these were actually also existent in the original game (while the game itself is designed to be dead-end-free, the bugs in it weren't, nor were our own). So, please follow the old adventure-game mantra of "save early, save often".

Over the past few years a lot has happened, even though the code base didn't reach a mature state until the past year. Lots of bugs have been fixed, even quite a few bugs left in the original game have been resolved. The team would like to thank all those that have been involved with getting ResidualVM to this point for their efforts.

Finally, we would like to thank:

  • The LUA developers, for creating a nice compact script interpreter.
  • Tim Schafer, for obvious reasons, and everybody else who helped make Grim Fandango a brilliant game; and the EMI team for giving it their best try.
  • Bret Mogilefsky, for managing to create a SPUTM-style 3D LUA engine, and avoiding the horrible hack it could have been.

So, jump on over to our downloads-page, and grab a copy of ResidualVM 0.1.0 (but don't forget to download the 1.1-patch for Grim Fandango while you're there).

Posted by somaen

We have reached a rather important milestone for ResidualVM, we are gearing up for our first release, which will support Grim Fandango. To make sure that we don't have any big showstoppers, we need your help.

We need people to play through the game thoroughly on all our supported platforms, preferably testing all the optional parts that aren't required for completion too. If you are interested download our 0.1.0 pre-release builds (not the unstable builds), and start playing. Any bugs should be reported to our issue-tracker on GitHub, and when you complete, you should post in our forums.

Details can be found here.

Posted by somaen

Since our last update, there has been a quite a bit of development, 340 bugs have been fixed in our issue-tracker, and although quite a few still remain, development continues. Those interested in a bit more detail, can take a look at giucam's blog

One of the more interesting bugs found and solved, was the one about missing dialogue in Year 3, which actually was as old as the original game.

On another note, our forums has had an interesting turn of events, quite a few of the members have joined together to work on improving the original graphics of the game in a project called Grim Fandango: Remastered JohnnyWalker2001 has set up a blog where updates on this effort are posted.

Grim Fandango support still remains in active development, and a little bit of work has been done on Escape From Monkey Island. Now you can atleast play the intro video in the demo. Still, no promises on the EFMI improving any more any time soon.

As always, any contribution is greatly appreciated. If you wish to help, we can be contacted on #residualvm (freenode), or in our forums.

Posted by aquadran

It's been over 2 years since the last news on this page, and a lot has happened.

We have switched from svn to git, and quite a bit has been fixed, which leads me to today's headline:

Grim Fandango just changed status to "completable with a few minor glitches".

Yes, that's right, you can now play Grim Fandango right through to the end. As a sidenote we now also accept Bug Reports for Grim. So, get on over to the download page, and grab a fresh nightly. Oh, and that compass in the handle, sure will come in handy too!

Posted by aquadran

The website was just updated with a new theme, we hope you like it!

Posted by aquadran

Today, Residual officially changed its status to a multi-engine capable project!

We now welcome all people who are willing to implement or make ports of 3D engines into Residual.

Posted by aquadran

Residual forum is finally ready. Please start your discussions in a new place!

Posted by aquadran

Welcome to the new home for Residual project! Almost everything is configured except for the forum site which will be up in a few days.


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